Tangled vs Snow White

Today I watched two Disney films that, despite both being within the fairy tale genre, the animation method is very different – in fact they are out of completely different eras.

ImageFirstly I watched the 2010 release Tangled, which is the 50th animated feature in the ‘Walt Disney Animated Classic’ range. It is, to date, most expensive animated film ever made and used a combination of computer generated imagery together with traditional animation. The musical score was written by Alan Menken and it retells the story Mother Gothel who took her Rapunzel from her true parents as a baby as the infants magic hair kept Gothel young.

When I first read about this film I really didn’t fancy the idea of it at all. So I skipped the cinema release – what a mistake! When it was released on blue ray we purchased a copy and since then it has become a firm favourite of mine. I love the humour, the music and the fact this is a sassy strong princess but a bit of a day dreamer.

Then I watched, Snow White. So rewind 73 astounding years to the initial release of Snow White, which was the very first cel animated film and the first produced by Walt Disney Productions. For that era it was definitely ground breaking and due to that and the Academies approval Walt Disney received a full-size Oscar statuette and seven miniature ones for the film. The story is a re-working on a traditional tale by the Brothers Grimm and tells the story of Snow White, whose step-mother was cruelly jealous of her beauty and sends her henchman to rip out her heart. Snow White luckily is deprived by the guilt ridden servant and Snow White runs off to the forest.

This is one of my favourites as it was my first Disney film I saw, during it’s 1975 release. Ok I admit I didn’t see all of it as the sight of the witch led me to running screaming out of the cinema! In years gone by it has always stayed in my heart and I love to watch it. To hear more details about the plot of Snow White, ride details and general discussion, listen to show 8 of the Minnie Minxes Podcast (released May 14th) where I pop on the show  and chat through Snow White with the shows host Kim.

So which do I choose as my favourite? For story, got to be Snow White however for clarity, brightness and dazzling array of colours of the images it must be Tangled. So I’m sitting a bit on the fence. Which is your favourite classic?

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Mousemeets 2012

Mousemeets 2012 is officially over. Friends have been met. Knowledge shared. Tears of laughter spilled. Money raised for charity. To sum up the weekend in one word – fabulous!

I had not been to a Mousemeet event before but on January 1st I eagerly booked two tickets and a hotel. As the day grew closer an itinerary was published and countdowns posted via Twitter and Facebook. Excitement began to grow and before I knew it, it was 7am Saturday and it was time to start the journey to Birmingham.

My husband and I timed our arrival perfectly as our friends, Tim and Kerrie, arrived moments after us. Just as we were about to leave we were ‘found’ by Mark and Emma (of Daydreaming Disney blog) and Emma kindly showed us the way to registration. As Tim and Kerrie’s sore feet will vouch, my husbands navigational skills are somewhat questionable at best! Thus we were very pleased to see them both. At the Copthorne, the event base, the room filled up very quickly and I recognised quite a lot of people but even those I hadn’t met before, glanced across and smiled so I immediately felt I could slip off my shoes and relax. Unfortunately we missed out on most of Saturday afternoon as the call of the doughnuts grew too loud and we had to go and explore the local sights.

In one of my many prior careers I was an event co-ordinator so I know how hard it is to make an event look seamless, obviously the swan analogy fits in perfectly here. A lot of hard work by a group of people had obviously gone on. So thank you to everyone from Disneybrit as well plus their partners also the podcasters from Your Mousecast, Dis After Dark, UUOP and Minnie Minxes as well as everyone else who took a turn to share their knowledge and obvious passion for Disney.

The weekend was memorable for me personally as I sang karaoke for the very first time, (I know at 40 I really should have tried it before), our team won the quiz (yay!), I went to a cinema and sat on the most comfortable leather sofa ever but was confused that it sold carrot cake but no popcorn, I bid for and won a couple of goodies in the auction (no more mentioning ‘poster-gate’ but Mark Petar has kindly invited me to visit!) but more importantly I met some of the nicest people I could wish to meet. I only wish the weekend would have lasted longer to spend more time getting to know everyone.

However one mystery remains… When Chris Speed ordered his chicken tikka from the Indian restaurant he was vexed by what was placed before him…  chicken tikka, that was green, along with a side serving of broccoli. Why on earth would an Indian restaurant serve  green food?

Grab a cupcake and a cuppa then we can talk

I have been busy and made some delicious chocolate cupcake with hot pink icing.

I’m afraid you will have to grab your own cuppa but feel free to eat and drink whilst you read my first blog.

So onto introductions, I’m Michelle and I have started this blog to share how I make my life more fabulous through Disney, hence the name. I live in Yorkshire, which is a county that spans the middle to the east of England and I live next to a beautiful small wood with my husband and three children but more about them in later blogs.

I plan to cover what you could say are the embellishments I add to my Disney holidays but also how I manage to squeeze Disneyness into my daily life, whether re-creating park food, music, podcasts to crafts – I try it all!  Being from the UK I don’t get to physically be in a Disney park as often as I would like, however that doesn’t stop me adding some Disney element somehow into my day.

My next trip is this August for two weeks to WDW and all crossed I should be booking 2013 very soon!  I will share my planning experiences and what I personally value in a holiday. What works well and what doesn’t and perhaps I may find other ideas from you.

Anyway, pleased to meet you and I look forward to writing the next blog, which is about acquiring a permanent Disney souvenir, in the next few days.